IV Therapy by Färsk Health at Advanced Skin Care Clinic

What is IV Therapy?

IV Therapy, or Intravenous Therapy, is a method of delivering essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals directly into your bloodstream. IV Therapy by Färsk can be tailored to address your specific needs.

Why Choose IV Therapy by Farsk at Advanced Skincare Clinic?

  • Customized Solutions: Our Nurse will work with you to create a personalized IV therapy plan that caters to your unique health and wellness goals.
  • Quality and Purity: Färsk Health is based in Canada and Health Canada approved, using only the highest quality ingredients, ensuring that their IV treatments are both safe and effective.
  • Experienced Staff: Our Nurse is a skilled medical professional with years of experience in administering IV therapy, guaranteeing your comfort and safety.
  • Cutting-Edge Facility: We operate in a state-of-the-art clinic equipped with the latest technology to provide the best possible IV therapy experience.

Färsk IV Therapy Options

  • Energy Boost: Recharge and revitalize with our Energy Boost IV therapy, designed to enhance your vitality and stamina.
  • Immune Support: Strengthen your immune system with our Immune Support IV therapy, helping you stay healthy year-round.
  • Recovery & Detox: Our Recovery & Detox IV therapy aids in post-workout recovery and promotes the elimination of toxins from your body.
  • Glowing Skin: Achieve radiant and youthful skin with our specially formulated IV therapy for skin health.

How Does IV Therapy Work?

During your IV therapy session, a small needle will be used to administer the customized blend of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients directly into your bloodstream. You can relax in our comfortable clinic environment during the process, and most sessions take only about 30-60 minutes.

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