I have been lucky enough to have tried almost every facial at Advanced Skin Care Clinic, so when the clinic announced that they were the first in Alberta to have the HydroDermPro, I booked myself in right away.

The HydroDermPro machine itself is small and sleek and offers a fully customizable experience. The machine has four hand pieces:

  1. The HydroDerm Handle has nine different HydroDerm tips, these are used for HydroDermabrasion. In one motion, this hand piece cleans, exfoliates, opens pores, extracts, detoxifies, hydrates, infuses vitamins and restores PH balance of the skin.

  2. The Oxygen Hydrating Spray Handle looks similar to an airbrush. This handle sprays atomized enriched moisture onto the skin using a stream of pressurized oxygen and a rose-citrus toner infusion to calm and balance the skin.

  3. The Radio Frequency Handle looks like an antenna and provides what feels like a hot stone massage to the face. Radio Frequency improves blood circulation, this stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastin, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles.


  4. The Ultrasonic Wave Spatula has two functions; in one direction this tool uses ultrasonic waves to deepen the skin’s absorption of the active ingredients being applied to the skin. In the other direction it uses ultrasonic waves to push debris out of the pores, think painless extractions.

With all of the hand pieces and customizations, this facial will be slightly different for everyone depending on what the objective of the appointment is. I was in need of a serious cleanup, thanks to my ever-changing hormones clogging up my pores, for which I would normally book a Full Microdermabrasion treatment.

My treatment was done by Valerie and like all facials, it started with her cleansing and removing my makeup. After looking at my skin, she determined it was dry and that I had a lot of congestion in my pores. My skin is sensitive, Valerie tested three dermabrasion tips on my cheek and we went with one that was not too gentle and not too rough but just right. HydroDermabrasion feels very much like Microdermabrasion, only wet, but it is doing more in each stroke. Hydrodermabrasion pushes out oil and debris and infuses Hyluranic Acid restoring hydration.

After my face had been deep cleaned we moved on to the Oxygen Hydrating Spray. This feels like a gentle blast of cold moist air. Not only is it calming for a face like mine that turns pink easily, the oxygen speeds the absorption of Hyluranic Acid which plumps and smoothes the skin instantly.

Once the skin is calm and cool, a warm ultrasound gel is applied for Radio Frequency. As I mentioned above this is like a hot stone massage of the face, warm and relaxing. Radio Frequency lifts and tightens while stimulating collagen. This is one of my favouite parts of the Oxygeneo Facial also offered at the Advanced Skin Care Clinic. The results from Radio Frequency are visible immediately and collagen production has been stimulated for four to six weeks between treatments.

After Radio Frequency, Valerie selected to apply the GM Collin Aqua Mask to help with some of my skin’s dehydration. The mask is applied by hand and pressed in deeper with an ultrasound tool. The ultrasound tool looks like a spatula and vibrates quite loudly until touching the face. This same tool is flipped over and run in the opposite direction to do painless extractions. The one part of every facial that I dread is the extractions but this machine is a game-changer, no pressing or squeezing and somehow all of the build-up comes out.

The Hydrofacial left my skin feeling unbelievably clean, tightened, and lifted. The difference in tone and texture of the skin was visible after the very first treatment. It is amazing to me, just how much is included in this treatment and how customizable a HydroFacial is. The HydroFacial is a new favourite facial for me and I will be back in four weeks for another one.