Welcome to the blog for Advanced Skin Care Clinic. My name is Emily, you may have seen me around the clinic; I have been a client of Yudit and Valerie’s for over thirteen years! The goal of this blog is to walk you through some of the treatments offered at Advanced Skin Care Clinic. The opinions shared in here are my own. With brows being the new boobs, the first treatment I will take you through is Microblading.

For those of you who know me, you know I have been seeing Yudit religiously to have my eyebrows shaped and tinted as part of a ‘brow rehabilitation program’ she started me on before I got married in 2009. My eyebrows fell victim to my own hand and were over plucked for most of the 90’s. Yudit basically took away my tweezers and I gave her full control, appointments every four to six weeks on an ongoing basis.

This year Yudit made the recommendation that I should get my eyebrows Microbladed. Although I trust Yudit one hundred percent, I have seen ladies where microblading has gone wrong and that could be upwards of two years with terrible brows. So ladies do your research, check references, and don’t cheap out on this service.

I did my homework and came to understand that Microblading is the art of semi-permanent tattooing for faking fuller brows, in a way that when done right, looks completely natural. There are a few different styles of microblading, a traditional method which is done with a small single blade to mimic hair strokes and powder ombré which is done with a machine similar to that of a tattoo gun to create pixilated dots to mimic powder filled brows with no harsh front or outline.

Trusting Yudit’s recommendation completely, I booked an appointment with Candace at Advanced Skin Care Clinic in Edmonton. We talked about my eyebrow goals and Candace thoroughly explained the process putting me at ease. “Yes you are numb the entire time and we can add more numbing if you need it.” I decided to go with a powder ombré brow. Candace did a quick test patch of pigment behind my ear to confirm that my very sensitive skin wasn’t going to reject or react to the pigment. She sent me on my way with an appointment to come back that weekend.

I was nervous and excited for my appointment as I am a bit of a baby when it comes to needles and the idea of a three-hour appointment that involves needles on my face is scary but the finished product is everything. As it turns out, the first hour and a half of the appointment is shaping, drawing, measuring, and re-measuring. Candace even called in Yudit, my trusted eyebrow artist of many years, to consult on the shape and colour of my future brows. When we all were one hundred percent satisfied, Candace applied the numbing agent. The next step was breaking the skin, which thanks to the numbing agent I did not find painful at all. Another stronger numbing gel is applied and then Candace goes over the broken skin again, pushing in the pigment. I didn’t find any of this part painful but because of its repetitiveness in such a small area, it was more of an annoying sensation.



Healing from Microblading is a bit more of a process than getting it done. Your brows start off super intense and actually get more intense over the first couple of days. Then they peel and flake off over several days leaving them uneven and that is followed by a day or two of them almost vanishing. The good news is the colour develops over those few days and that is when you finally see the true color and shape. At this point if things aren’t perfect, not to worry, there is a touch-up appointment six to eight weeks from the initial appointment.



Now, I was really happy with my brows right out of the gates, but I still went in for my touch-up, which is a one-hour appointment. Candace right away identified areas where the pigment was uneven and this is just the way our bodies heal. She touched them up using the same process, and lots of numbing ointment, and sent me on my way. The healing process began again.



A few weeks later, with a fully healed set of brows, I can say that this is one of the best self-care things that I have done for myself. Waking up ready to go, whereas before I was spending time every morning colouring in my brows and that extra five to ten minutes every day really adds up.

Both Candace and Yudit now offer Microblading at the Advanced Skin Care Clinic in Edmonton. Reach your #BrowGoals.